Señor, bendice nuestras imperfecciones, porque son todo lo que nos queda.

Soft words bled from beauty and lips to mine,
Oh our lives are but a minute among tumbling hours.
And with the weight of our world I lie trembling...
A breath away from whithering.
I fear my shadow and the shadows of all shadows.
Pray tell, where is your mercy? Where is my escape?

And im listening.
Though your silence means everything to ears that have gone so long without hope.
And I'm listening... I'm Listening.

Oh the beauty we will never know.
Oh God... Oh my every breath. Where art thou?
If only for a word, perhaps even a thought.
It would be like the sun on my heart for a thousand years.
Oh what have I done? Where has my conscience fled?
And I would burn all we know to the ground.
I would kill the whole world, l
if you would ony love me, lovely.
Tell me that you'll love me. Love, me.
Oh I'm sorry... So Sorry. Forgive my apologetic heart. I'm so sorry.
Oh What have I done?